Colorful synthetic braids – what they are

Colorful braids allow you to create a unique hairstyle that does not really require special care and does not damage the hair. The latest hit is boxing braids. This hairstyle is a real sensation. No wonder, since it is very comfortable and very original at the same time.

Colorful braids – boxing and African braids

Colorful boxing braids with synthetic strands are one of the most fashionable hairstyles of recent seasons. They look phenomenal, are very comfortable and work well in various situations. In addition, colorful boxing braids are very feminine, and additionally we will make them not only from strands of natural color. Fabulously colorful, they are a modern and very original head decoration. It’s also worth mentioning that colorful braids aren’t just boxing braids. If you dream of African braids, you can have them too. Thanks to synthetic strands, braided with natural hair, you will get beautiful, long and colorful braids. What’s more, you can enjoy them for a long time, because they do not damage the natural hair in any way. Additionally, you can make braids of various colors, ombre or in permeating colors. It is worth mentioning that such colorful braids can be made on natural hair, 5-7 cm long.

Colorful braids – how to care for synthetic braids

Wash the hairstyle with synthetic braids with shampoo diluted with water, gently massaging them at the roots. Usually such a bath is enough for them once a week. Rinse the head as usual. However, when the braids start to pilling, simply soak them in boiling water with a little washing-up liquid. Thanks to this, they will become soft and smooth and will take on a nice smell.